Hair Tie Bangle Bracelet
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You are no longer forced to sacrifice your style for an ugly elastic hair tie. This bracelet was designed to integrate your always needed hair tie with stylish jewelry. Dress up that simple hair tie with a stunning silver, gold or rose gold plated Elastic Holder Bangle.

Simply wrap the included hair tie around the outer circumference of the bangle. Make sure the hair tie is nestled snuggly within the crevice. Now the hair tie is tightly secured to the bangle. Go throughout the day worry-free. The elastic hair tie will be there waiting when you need it. 

  • Stainless steel material in silver, gold or rose gold finish.
  • Fits most wrists
  • Bracelet comes with a black elastic hair tie
  • Item #: HTB203

Hair Tie Bangle Bracelet

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